Ask DeAnn: Are Orgasms Better with a Full Bladder?

Are Orgasms Better With A Full BladderI have a real sex question and Google is like always not being very factual (yeah, yahoo answers, no). I read a science based article once about having a full bladder and orgasms but I don’t know where it was from. I’d like to know about full bladders and orgasms in people with vaginas. Though if there is relevant info about people with penises then I guess I’m interested in that too.

This question came in from a Facebook friend, and at the time I gave my best answer, but I’ve since had time to do a little research and a little more in-depth thinking.

I couldn’t find anything definitive in the science data on whether a full bladder is actually more stimulating. It seems that people’s bodies are different. For vulva-owners, sensations vary widely and what one person finds pleasurable turns another person off. So, while some people like the way a full bladder feels, others will not. Why does it feel good to some people with vulvas?

G-Spot labeled diagram

Because bladder contractions put pressure on the urogenital nerve complex (basically, the internal clitoris and urethral sponge), the tingle sensation of bladder contractions is focused in the genital area, and therefore helps them orgasm. Having a G-spot (urethral sponge) orgasm can feel like you need to pee regardless how full your bladder is, because the nerve bundles are very close together and the Skene’s glands empty into the urethra and ducts right next to it.

The potential to to lose one’s bladder control exists, of course, and the bulk of the research I found had to do with whether or not urinary incontinence during orgasm is a thing, and if so, how much of a thing it is. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of accidentally peeing on their partner, so for some, the sensation of having to go is a real turn-off. Either way, urine is sterile, and a Liberator Throe makes clean-up easy. It’s more a matter of personal preference.

As for penis-owners, it’s a little different since erections typically block the bladder from emptying into the urethra. This can sometimes make for a painful situation, but others experience pleasure. Some are able to urinate with an erect penis, too, but it’s rare and usually doesn’t happen with ejaculation (I never say never on body stuff). On the other hand, for most, urination is painful with an erection.

Then there are those for which urine is a kink or fetish. Especially for those with a urine fetish (the non-sex concept is required in some degree for sexual satisfaction), just the idea of a full bladder can be a direct turn-on.

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