Ask DeAnn: Shaving “Down There” Leaving Him with Rug Burn

A reader writes:

Shaving the lady parts. 

Irazor clip art prefer to be like the Bambino cat in that area (you know … hairless) but there are a few things I’ve run into: razor burn, folliculitis, and just not knowing how often to shave. Men have complained that hair that is too short hurts them when they’re performing oral sex. One boyfriend compared it to how I would get brush burn from making out with him when his beard was short. Is there a way to soften the short stubblies, or prevent them altogether? Can we just have a discussion about shaving since I have rambled on too much?



Dear Bambino,

You wouldn’t believe how common this is. It’s the very reason rash-free shaving creams was developed – to make shaving easier and more effective!

I’m going to assume two things here. First, I assume this is a choice YOU are making for your own personal preferences, and not a beauty standard you’re trying to meet. Also, since you’re asking specifically about shaving, I will assume you’ve already decided other hair removal methods are not your thing, so I won’t go into waxing or laser hair removal (and depilatory creams carry their own risks – I don’t recommend them near the vagina). So, here are some tips to getting your kitty clean shaven.

Start with a fresh multi-blade razor. No matter what else you do, an old blade will always cut your skin and miss hairs due to microscopic bends in the edge. Change out your cartridges when you’re supposed to. When you change them out depends on how often you shave. A multi-blade razor has the added benefit of the first blade pulling the hair upwards, and subsequent blades cutting closer and closer, with fewer passes against the skin. If you have never shaved before, take a pair of scissors to especially long hair first.

Once your razor is fresh, let’s prep so the dead cells & dirt are removed and the skin beneath isn’t stripped of its natural moisturizing oils. Use warm water instead of hot and let the skin soak for at least 5 minutes. Cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Never exfoliate after shaving – this can shove dead skin back into follicles and pores, and you want as close a shave as possible. That extra dead skin is one more layer keeping you from an ultra-close shave (a pedicurist taught me that).

Apply a dime-sized amount of a rash-free shaving cream like Sliquid Smooth Intimate. It doesn’t lather like soap because it’s not made of surfactants or soaps, chemicals that strip your skin of natural moisturizing oils. Shaving cream in a can is essentially watered-down soap and an accelerant, so they can mass-produce it for cheap. Yes, soaps lubricate when they’re wet but when they’re rinsed they pull the natural moisture out of the skin and sometimes leave soap scum behind.

Gently pull the skin as taught as possible with your free hand and with very gentle pressure, shave in the direction of the hair growth, working downwards and inwards. Use as few strokes as possible and rinse your blade after each pass. Only reverse direction if necessary and try not to go over the same area multiple times. If you find yourself needing to reverse direction or go back over an area twice often, you need a better razor. Move your free hand in the reverse direction from the hair growth to identify areas you may have missed. You might need to get creative with your positioning. Take your time and be careful. Rinse well.

Pat dry and apply Sexual Health Enthusiasts AfterShave Grooming Therapy to condition the skin calm any irritation in spots you went over twice, and tighten the follicles so they’re not as open to letting in bacteria, dirt, oil, or skin flakes. Depending on your body hair texture and growth, a smooth shave should last 24-48 hours, sometimes longer for those with fine hair.

If you find you still have trouble, consider inviting your lover into the shower with you. Not all people are as able-bodied and flexible to get as clean a shave as they want, so a helping hand might do the trick. It’s an intimate, trusting thing to let someone else take a very sharp blade to your most intimate parts. And chances are, he’ll be so proud of his work or he’ll be so afraid of hurting you that he’ll stop making comments altogether when it’s time to make your kitty purr.

Wishing you #allthepassion,


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