8 Back to School Sexy Essentials

Back to School

Back to school is an exciting time when you’re in college. Whether you’re an undergrad or working on your PhD, don’t ignore your sexual health. For many, now is the time to explore pleasure and relationships as adults for the first time. That’s why your back to school shopping should include some sexy essentials. Make appreciating your body and experiencing pleasure a priority this year.

1. Traditional Condoms

durex_tropical_flavored_condoms__18357.1454967976.400.400Safer sex is better sex. Condoms make birth control that much more effective, and significantly reduce your risk for STI’s. Although things like chlamydia are really no big deal, why spend the extra money on treatment and time off from your work-study job in the Chem lab to deal with an STI? Plus, you can hand them out to friends, especially friends who cheaped out and bought porous sex toys instead of quality, non-porous ones. Just remember: porous and toxic sex toys can break latex and polyisoprene condoms, so be sure to have some quality polyurethane condoms.

FC2_Female_Condom_3_pack__23770.1454527838.400.4002. Internal Condoms

The FC2 internal condom offers more coverage area than a traditional condom, and you can place it BEFORE having any sort of penetrative sex. If your partner has a penis, it’ll feel better because with a little lube, they will feel the sensation of moving in and out, in a way traditional condoms don’t. There’s almost no chance of slippage, and they can be used (and placed ahead of time) anally, too!

3. Dental Dams

latex_dental_dam__85144.1388592677.1280.1280If you like cunnilingus or rimming, don’t forget STI’s can be passed orally. “Cold sores” are herpes, and can be HSV-1 or HSV-2. Dental dams aren’t packaged the same as condoms, by the way, because they aren’t as common. If you get a little weirded out by having several in a zip-closure baggie, individually-packed traditional condoms can be used as dental dams by cutting the tip off and cutting down one side.


Gee, with all these safer sex suggestions at the top of a back to school list, you might think it’s important, huh? Let’s continue…

sliquid_smooth_intimate_shave_cream_unscented__68306.1420739603.1280.12804. Quality Shaving Cream

If you’re still using soap-based shaving cream, it’s time to ditch the skin-drying irritation potential and use a rash-free moisturizing shaving cream. Sliquid Smooth comes in a variety of scents or no scent at all and offers a rash-free shave anywhere on the body. It’s vegan and the ingredients are all naturally derived. It’s also less expensive over time than the soap-in-a-can stuff.

5. A Sex Survival Kit

Sexual_Health_Enthusiasts_Ready_Sex_Go_Kit__84149.1415904148.400.400I absolutely love the Ready Sex Go Kit by Sex + Health Enthusiasts. In it, you’ll find cleansing after shave conditioner for when you’ve had to hastily use soap in someone else’s shower, wipes for yourself or any toys you’ve used, a personal cleansing wash that helps remove body fluids and all kinds of lube, and a spritz that removes the scent of sex from the bed and room, so no one’s roommates can give anyone a hard time about it. Best of all, it comes in a reusable zipper pouch and it’s all TSA friendly for any travel you might be doing. Spring Break, anyone?

6. Lube Variety Packs

Sliquid_Swirl_Flavored_Lubricant_Variety_Pack__05729.1349387898.400.400You’re smart. You already know water-based lube shouldn’t contain glycerin, parabens, or propylene glycol, and it should definitely should fit within the World Health Organization osmolality standards, right? Maybe you’re not sure whether you’ll even like silicone or hybrid lube over water-based lube. Maybe you’re curious about the different textures of various lubes. Try a sampler pack of lube. Sliquid actually makes them in original, organic, and even flavored varieties!

7. A Bullet

We_Vibe_Tango_Vibrator_Box_New_Blue__88634.1393342601.400.400Vibrators can be used on all kinds of genitals, but they’re especially great for the clitoris. A bullet is a small vibrator designed to stimulate external parts of the body – the clitoris, the vulva, the perineum, the outside of the anus. You can even use them against the side of your cheek or below your chin during oral sex. The We-Vibe Tango is compact, fits in many bullet spaces in dildos and cock rings, and it’s got penetrating, rumbly vibrations with 4 speeds and 4 pattern functions for beginners and power queens alike. Not to mention, it’s rechargeable and waterproof. If the Tango is out of your price range, though, invest in the Fun Factory Rechargeable Bullet. The last thing you need is to go through tons of batteries.

8. A Quality Insertable Toy

tantus_silk_dildo_small_medium_large__94699.1378836369.400.400Not everyone is into having things inserted into them, but enough people are that plenty of folks are sent to the emergency room every year for using things as sex toys that aren’t sex toys. Don’t cheap out here, either. Inserting sex toys means your mucous membranes and hormone receptors come in direct contact with whatever material that item is made from, so save up and opt for something quality. At the top of the line, the Njoy Pure Wand is the steel standard for vulva owners who want to learn to have G-spot orgasms and even squirt. Newbies to anal play will appreciate the Fun Factory Bootie as the best beginner butt plug around. Looking for something to clench with your pelvic floor while you hold a vibrator on your clit? Skip the rabbit and opt for a bullet and a super-affordable Tantus Silk. Want to try pegging? Grab a harness and the Tantus Liesure. Love thrusting? The Tantus Echo Handle is excellent!

Got a sexy back to school item you think should go on this list? Leave it in the comments!


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