Community Spotlight San Antonio: OUT for Brunch

logoIf you missed OUT for Brunch, you missed OUT!

Did you know San Antonio has its own LGBTQIA+ magazine? It’s called OUT in SA, and this weekend, the publication and its sister newspaper, the San Antonio Current, along with a bunch of really awesome sponsors, put together for a benefit brunch to raise funds for Thrive Youth Center. Thrive is one of only four homeless shelters for LGBTQ youth in the country, so I was stoked to attend this wonderful event.

And wonderful it was! Sponsor organizations provided food, a bloody mary bar, a mimosa bar, and live entertainment at the San Antonio School of modern art. I took my husband along. Saturday was a gorgeous day, although as the sun climbed higher in the sky people noticeably moved to the shadows of the trees. Did you know mimosas are awesome when mixed with cranberry juice? OMG!

From left: Sandra Whitley, me, and Josh Yurcheshen

From left: Sandra Whitley, me, and Josh Yurcheshen

I got a chance to talk to the Executive Director of Thrive Youth Center, Sandra Whitley and Assistant Director Josh Yurcheshen. In February, Thrive found a home at Haven for Hope, after much wrangling with the city. LGBTQ individuals face unique challenges on the streets, and in fact, end up on the streets more often than the general population, especially at a young age. Why? Believe it or not, parents are abusive or outright kick their own children out when they find out their kids aren’t straight.

Thrive provides LGBTQ homeless people aged 18-25 a bed to sleep in, a safe bathroom, job training, counseling, food, and more. They’re already almost full, and that’s only from word of mouth advertising. Here are some sobering statistics (source: Thrive’s website). 50% of San Antonio’s homeless youth are LGBTQ, and of those:

  • 43% were forced from their homes (kicked out)
  • Nearly 1/3 left due to child abuse
  • Almost half experienced some sort of family rejection

I don’t think I need to tell you that LGBTQ youth are also more likely to commit suicide and be bullied in school, too.

All the darkness aside, Thrive is able to make a real difference for real people who really need a place to sleep and someone to let them know they aren’t unloved. But one fundraiser does not an organization support! Thrive really needs your help!

Please consider donating whatever you can spare, whether it’s $1, or $10,000, to the cause. Right now donations are slim and the directors are primarily supporting this program themselves. That isn’t sustainable. It’s time for the community to step up. Regardless your thoughts or beliefs on LGBTQ issues, you know providing a safe place to sleep and a hand up is the right thing to do. Without donations, Thrive can’t exist or expand to help more homeless youth. These young people have already been told some pretty awful things from the people who are supposed to love them. So, I hope you’ll join me in supporting Thrive. And the next time there’s an event like this make sure you go! It was fun!

Click the link below to go directly to their donation page and give whatever you can:

thrive-150x150Want to help me support Thrive? Secret Soirees are my primary source of income! Book a Fundraiser Soiree between now and June (Pride month!) and not only will I give 10% of Soiree sales to Thrive, but you can also decide to give your deposit directly to the cause. Who wouldn’t want a fun night in, some sexy shopping, and philanthropy? Click here to book now!

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