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Today’s post is a guest post from April Monterrosa, owner of Shine Beautifully, located inside the Visions for Hair salon at 123 Southbridge St. in San Antonio. April is an accomplished aesthetician, blogger, entrepreneur, and wellness advocate. Today she tells you a bit about Brazilian waxing, a popular beauty treatment to entirely remove all pubic hair.

BrazilianWaxAside from being hair-free, smooth, and not having to worry about shaving, many women (and men) love to get a Brazilian wax to spice up their love lives and surprise their significant others. It is never a dull moment in my beauty studio when I have a client anxiously waiting for me to pull that first strip of wax off her girly parts. In fact, we are usually cracking up a storm & as shy and embarrassed as my clients have expected to be, they are way far from that. I’ve had many clients ask lots of questions on how Brazilian waxes can enhance their sex lives and if it’s safe to have sex on their wedding night after a wax. Many feel they are the only ones asking such questions and they’re not. I get emailed the same type of questions all the time (especially from a bride to be); hopefully I answer some of them in this blog.

What are the perks of getting a Brazilian wax before a “special” occasion?

While on vacation, a hot date, or romantic getaway who wants to worry about shaving and carrying razors? You will feel refreshed, free, and be hassle-free. Scheduling 2 waxes before your event is the safest way to go if you have extremely sensitive skin; we want to make sure your skin calms down and you have no reactions. Usually, the second wax provides a much cleaner and smoother result with less post wax tenderness. If you don’t have time to fit in two waxing sessions before your big event, I recommend getting wax at least 2-4 days before depending on how sensitive your skin is.

Can I be intimate the same day I get a Brazilian wax?

Well, yes and no. if you are extremely sensitive, prone to ingrown hairs, or have never had a wax done, friction and perspiration may aggravate the skin making your skin more susceptible to folicullitis. (Bacteria in your hair follicle)

In a recent poll 91% men said that they found it both more attractive and erotic.

Does it remove all the hair?

A full Brazilian removes hair around the anal area in addition to pubic hair, because that is controlled by genetics and hormones. A bikini wax, by contrast leaves a “landing strip” of hair as well as the hair on the perineum and around the back door.

Does it hurt?

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. A trained professional will remove more hair more quickly with less discomfort than trying to do it yourself, and will know how to prepare the skin before and soothe it after your treatment. This minimizes discomfort overall. With regular waxing, discomfort is minimized with subsequent treatment as the skin and hair follicles get used to treatments.

Anything else I should know?

Shine Beautifully is a judgement free zone. There are clients of all sizes, shapes, and genders. There is no need to feel embarrassed about how much hair is removed, what you look like below the belt, being a first-timer, or wanting to have one done in the first place. If you’re shy, I invite you to contact me and ask any additional questions you may have.

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