May is International Masturbation Month!

Masturbation MonthFriday marked the start of the 20th Annual International Masturbation Month! This is a month-long celebration of self-love intended to highlight that masturbation is a normal and healthy part of human sexuality. The more we talk about something the less shame and stigma there is about it.

It began as National Masturbation Month in 1995, spearheaded by the good people at Good Vibrations, a California-based chain of women-friendly sex positive shops. Dr. Joycelyn Elders, the Surgeon General, had been forced to step down from her position as the first black female Surgeon General of the United States. Dr. Elders had dared to suggest that masturbation might have a place in sex ed in schools. It ignited a firestorm of controversy. We’ve come a long way since then, but we still have a ways to go.

#MasturbationMonth isn’t necessarily about making time to masturbate. It’s all about continuing to normalize this healthy sexual activity, dispelling myths about it, and providing research-based facts. All month long I’ll be sharing interesting tidbits of information with you, providing insight into some fun tools to get the job done, and even doing some interactive, fun things on social media and on the blog.

Each week I’ll be issuing challenges for you to complete. Because there is so much shame surrounding this topic (especially for women), I want us to cut those chains off. I want to set you free to explore, experience pleasure, and do it on your own terms. Even if you never have the drive to ever touch your own genitals, I want you to be just as free of shame not to as if that’s something you secretly do a lot.

Week 1 #MasturbationMonth Challenge

Anonymously submit an interesting story or #AskDeAnn question about masturbation.

Now, I’m not talking about erotica or getting pornographic. I want funny stories, from the heart stories, confessionals, and honest questions. Did you walk in on your kid and it was awkward?  Were you told you’d go blind? Did a one night stand start jerking off next to you in the middle of the night? Wondering if grinding on your childhood teddy bear is weird? Did you know someone who seriously thought hair was going to grow on the palm of their hand? Do you have a question about how to use a toy? I’m looking for submissions like this and this. Your submissions are 100% anonymous and I will not even reply unless you request that I do or I need to ask a question to clarify what you’re saying or asking.

Even if you have all of this sorted out in your head and you have some wisdom to impart on someone else not sure about their own self pleasure, please share!

There are 3 ways to submit your Masturbation Month stories and questions:

  1. Comment below on this post. Be sure to pick a pseudonym so your comment is anonymous!
  2. Submit here. Remember I might edit submissions for clarity and won’t contact you unless I need to. This is your secret confession.
  3. Tweet me at @allthepassion and use the hashtag #MasturbationMonth or send my Facebook Page a private message (remember – posting on the page directly will reveal your identity!)

Make sure you’ve subscribed to the blog to see your submission by the end of the month.

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  1. Evelyn R says:

    Hey Deann 🙂 I just wanted to ask, I’ve had my favorite toy now for a while and I know how to charge it and what not. My question is, how come I can’t seem to achieve the orgasms that I used to have when I first got my toy? Is it time for me to find a new toy?

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