Sneeze Without Fear: Using Vagina Dumbbells (Kegels & Ben Wa Balls)

dumbbells-by-kathryn-gamble-lozierHave you ever avoided jumping jacks or bouncing because you’re not wearing a pantyliner? Have you ever avoided a sneeze or unnecessarily crossed your legs so tight you cut off circulation to your nether regions when you did? Have you ever wondered, if you’re into dudes, what it’s like to make a guy’s eyes bulge out of his head as you clamp down on him while he’s inside of you? If the answer to any of these is yes, read on!

I am talking about pubococcygeus (PC) muscles, Kegel exercises, and Ben Wa Balls!

First, a bit of a disclaimer. Kegel exercises are not for everyone. Here are a few times you shouldn’t do them:

  • You have a known or suspected injury to the musculature due to surgery, trauma, sports injury, etc.
  • While you are peeing. Yes, the muscles stop you from urinating, but doing this when you don’t necessarily have to stop can cause a problem.
  • Your doctor says you shouldn’t.
  • You want to stick them in your butt. No. Not in your butt. You’re thinking of anal beads and anal plugs.

What Are Kegel Exercises?

Kegel exercises are repetitions of clenching and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles, also known as PC muscles.

What are pelvic floor muscles?

They are a set of muscles that support bottom of your body cavity. They work together with connective tissue to keep your insides from falling out, since there are no bones and few tendons for internal organs to hang on to.

Why is it so important to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles?

Astrong pelvic floor supports a healthy bladder and urethra, helping prevent age-related incontinence.

As we age and connective tissue breaks down, our internal organs can slip down with gravity. If the organ should begin to turn inside out through its orifice, this is known as prolapse. There is urinary prolapse, vaginal prolapse, and rectal prolapse. Prolapse is a serious medical condition that needs emergency care.

A strong pelvic floor also helps maintain strong circulatory health in the region.

Besides increasing circulation and enhancing overall vaginal and rectal health, exercising the pelvic floor increases your sexual performance. Doing kegel exercises makes it easier to achieve orgasm and increases the intensity of your orgasm, regardless your sex.

How do strong pelvic floor muscles increase sexual pleasure?

If you own a vulva, you are able to create a tighter “grip” and feel more friction. Exercise increases blood flow and awakens nerve endings so that you feel more sensation.

If you own a penis, you can stave off ejaculation and experience multiple orgasms.

Why else might I strengthen my pelvic floor?

Besides having better orgasms, there are some added benefits of doing kegel exercises, particularly for the XX crowd:

    • Protects the vagina by learning to relax and control the muscles for labor and delivery
    • Sets the stage for a swifter postpartum recovery after childbirth
    • Helps vagina to regain tightness after childbirth
    • Prepares the body for an easier menopause
    • Improves vaginal wall thickness
    • Increases natural lubrication

How do they work?

This video should help you understand the concept:

As you can see, Kegel exercisers are ONLY for people with vaginas.

How do I use Kegel/Ben Wa Balls?

There are multiple methods and lots of exercise routines out there! I’ve linked a few below. Please post your fave routine in the comments and I’ll add it to the list!

For Beginners:

You will need some privacy, some water-based lubricant, and a bed or couch. Lie down, and using the tip of your finger, apply a drop of lube just inside the vagina. Then, add another drop of lube to the balls themselves. Relax, and breathe. Gently press the first (or only) ball against the vagina and carefully insert. Insert the second ball when you are ready. Pay special attention to the musculature’s reaction to the presence of the balls.

Then, clench down around them to get a feel for your PC muscles. Start with 10 reps in 1-3 sets, depending on your ability. As you get better you can do this sitting up, or even standing if you feel you have control. It may be helpful to wear some underwear the first time you try this standing up in case something should slip out. Eventually, you’ll be able to work your way up to holding the set inside for a few hours at a time.

Try to remember to do your routine at every stop light when you drive.


Put them inside without lubricant. Stand up. Gravity makes the balls want to come out. Squeeze the muscles together to keep them from falling out. If a string is attached to the ball(s), it adds resistance training. Use the string to pull them out, and clench the muscles to prevent them from leaving the body.


If the exerciser is two balls connected by a string, insert the first ball. Try to lift the exerciser so that you lift the second ball inside. Try pulling the exerciser out using your muscles to resist.

If there are no strings, wear a pair while walking or jogging and keep them in. Wear them all day for an all-day workout.

For Pleasure:

Insert prior to oral sex, and have  your partner tug on the string while they suck on your clitoris. If the balls have a string, loop it around a vibrator to transfer the sensation!

Can I Really Wear Them All Day?

If you are a beginner, you may tire your muscles and feel sore after a while, and cramping is not unheard of. You may also find yourself aroused and wanting to use a clitoral vibrator to achieve orgasm. This is a good thing, as you will naturally clench and release the PC muscles during the orgasm. As you get better at it, wearing them for longer periods of time is more doable.

How Do I Take Care of Kegel Exercisers?

Proper cleaning and storage of your favorite Kegel exercisers is essential to preventing infection with long-term wear. Disinfect them after wear with toy cleanser, and store them in a Sugar Sak (click here for why).

Which Kegel Exerciser Is Right For Me?

A personalized consultation is the best way to make sure you’re getting products suited to your needs. The first 15 minute phone consultation is free, so if you’re just looking for a set of Kegel Exercisers, I can usually help you narrow it down with a few simple questions – or, read on and decide for yourself:


I recommend larger exercisers and single balls, and all-in-one sets that have lighter options. Look for something with a retrieval method. I recommend

Single Exercisers for Intermediate Clenchers

Intermediate users are ready for a bit extra weight and may be ready to attempt a product without a retrieval string. Try:

Advanced Users

Advanced users can clench down on extra heavy Kegel exercisers, and don’t need a string. Products you’ll be able to use are:

Pleasure Seekers

Pleasure seekers are looking for a bit more “fun” and the focus is not on weight resistance. There are some vibrating options. You might like:

Luxe Lovers

Last, but definitely not least, luxe lovers deserve strong Kegels, too. If you’re already familiar with Lelo’s other ultra luxe options, the Lelo Luna Beads Luxe are no exception in terms of quality and decadence. Select your choice of 20K gold or stainless steel for the ultimate experience as the rubber-silenced inner balls roll around with each movement.

Where Can I Find Kegel Exercise Routines?

These are all over the place! Here are a list of some that I have found that I recommend, but if you find others, contact me so it can be added to the list:

Have a penis but made it this far? I have workouts for you:


Happy clenching!

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