Time is Running Out for This Thank You Reward!

Bijoux_Indiscrets_Dsir_Mtallique_Mesh_Handcuffs__31799.1407328023.400.400Since I didn’t mention it in my last post, and Monthly Passionate News doesn’t go out for another few weeks, I wanted to let you know the following:

  • My Secret Soiree has announced new Thank You Rewards to thank our hosts! Host a sex toy party and receive free sex toys! As a reminder I serve San Antonio and all areas within a 4-hour driving radius. Outside my area? Click here to locate a Concierge near you.
  • My personal host gift, Bijoux Indiscrets Désir Métallique Mesh Handcuffs, is only available through the end of July. I have some dates available (including weekends) so book your Soiree today! Please mention whether you’ve attended or hosted a sex toy party with me before.
  • My Secret Soiree will be launching in-home workshops soon! Workshops will be priced at $20 per person and will be the only in-home workshops in San Antonio! Message me for more information.
  • Ask DeAnn has returned on Fridays this month! Please keep sending in, Tweeting, and Facebooking your sex and relationship questions!
  • Passion Coaching mini-sessions will be available starting in September, as well as session packages. You may pre-book now (simply request a mini-session or package pricing with your inquiry).
  • If you are a human sexuality professional, a student studying a related field (gender studies, pre-medicine, etc.), or have in-home party experience, we are now interviewing new Concierges in the US and Canada. For more information, click here.

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