Passion Coaching

What is Passion Coaching?

It’s like life coaching, except for your sex life!

Passion coaching is for you if you:

  • want a “guided tour” to the world of sex toys and bedroom accessories
  • want to more effectively communicate your sexual desires with your partner
  • require extreme discretion due to your status, and cannot host a Secret Soiree
  • are in a healthy long term relationship and want to spice it up, but don’t know where to start
  • are single and want to navigate self pleasure for the first time
  • have questions about sexual compatibility with your partner
  • experience sexual shame
  • are already under the care of a team of doctors and therapists who simply can’t help you with this one area

Passion coaching is NOT for you if you:

  • are looking for a dominatrix or other sex worker
  • have current unresolved relationship issues (abuse, infidelity, etc.)
  • are seeking help for non-consensual fetishes or those that break the law
  • have an underlying mental illness or addiction that is not currently treated
  • have medical issues that have not been seen by a doctor (please see your doctor first for vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, endometriosis, etc.)

Fees & Billing

$100 per session in my San Antonio office or by Google Hangout or Skype for those outside the SATX metro area.

Session fees reserve your date and time and are invoiced in advance.

Insurance is NOT accepted.

Invoices must be paid promptly or your session time slot will be offered to another client.

Cancellation Policy

48 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment for a full refund of your coaching fee. NO EXCEPTIONS. By holding your date and time I have turned down other clients, Soiree hosts, or speaking opportunities.

You may opt for a phone, Skype, or Google Hangout coaching session in lieu of cancelling.

If I need to cancel your appointment due to sudden illness or other factors I will provide as much notice as humanly possible and will offer an online or phone session if I am physically able, or your coaching fee refunded in full.

Complimentary 15-minute evaluations

All clients receive a complimentary evaluation by phone to determine if Passion Coaching is right for you. If so, you will schedule your appointment, receive a Sexual Communication Workbook for each partner to complete and bring to your first session (or email prior to your online session), and an invoice will be sent. You must pay the invoice prior to your session to reserve your time slot.

The Sexual Communication Workbook

It is essential that you complete the Sexual Communication Workbook before your first session and bring it with you. This will evaluate your desires, things you want to try in the bedroom, and hard limits. Each partner should take the time to complete this questionnaire alone. It is designed for a wide audience, so many questions may not apply to you. Complete as much as you can from each section.

What to expect during your session

Sessions last approximately 50 minutes. Your first session, we will talk about your Passion Coaching goals and go over the Sexual Communication Workbook for each partner. We will create a personalized profile that will shine light on what you and your partner(s) really want, and focus any future sessions on getting there.

If you specify a product education session, I will then make personal recommendations for products to try or books to read from My Secret Luxury. Print and bring a wish list and receive 5% off any items purchased from the wish list at the session. Purchase more than $500 in products (qualifying level for a Secret Soiree), and $50 of your session fee will be returned in the form of a product credit!

Additional coaching sessions

If you like, you can set up follow-up sessions with particular goals that you would like to work on. I will bill any non-shopping appointments directly. Shorter sessions are available, depending on your needs.

How to book a session

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